Samsung | Lets Go To Work

Virtual Reality is crazy. Making a commercial that isn't in virtual reality but is for a virtual reality device is crazy too. Luckily, LeBron James and Public Enemy were into the idea of taking people on a ride.

It should be mentioned, LeBron went on from this to actually bring a championship back to Cleveland, “The Land” for the first time in 52 years. Just saying.


Clio Awards
Andy Awards
Cannes Lions (Film Craft Short List)


We dropped this gift on Christmas day and people liked it, even fans that don't like LeBron. Ice Cube loved it. Vibe Magazine said it was the best ad of Christmas Day. While, this guy at the Washington Post totally decoded our work. And NPR also went really really deep into what they think this whole spot meant, which is nice.

Sr. Art Director: Rob McQueen
Sr. Copywriter: Matt Vitou
Creative Directors: Brandon Pierce & Adolfo Alcala
Director: Andreas Nilsson